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Saarner Kuppe, with an amount of space of 54 ha, is the most growing development area of Mülheim.


Our sphere of activity on this sector encompasses the urbanistic concept, the development, the procedural management, the concept for urbanistic contracts between developer and community as well as the preparatory and ancillary works for the development. The establishment of a legally binding land use plan needs a strong procedure management in order to keep sight of the goal. GEOHAUS leads technical and legal questions during the process in precise language to the implementation of the investor's plans.
The GEOHAUS portal www.geohaus-online.de makes the process transparent and provides simultaneous information for all authorized persons. It is the technical basis for the cooperation. The resolute GEOHAUS quality management results in high quality of the jointly formulated results.


  • Procedure management or service-oriented monitoring of the procedure and consulting,
  • Justification of the B-Plan,
  • Establishment of the written stipulations for the B-Plan,
  • Coordination of expert opinions and negotiations between investor, municipality and politics,
  • Treatment and careful consideration of the suggestions
  • Production of the official plots for parliamentary committees and the city council,
  • Full support of the development with
    • Development contracts
    • Development planning
    • Construction supervision
    • Assistance during tenders
    • Basics for the inspections
    • Photorealistic visualisation