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GEOhaus has expanded it´s portfolio with the technology of laserscanning. Laserscanning is an efficient measurement technique to quickly aquire threedimensional data.


The field of application is e.g.

  • building measurements (interior or exterior)
  • architecture and cultural heritage
  • construction and documentation of industry sites
  • mining and tunnel construction

The advantage of laserscanning is the contactless and fast collection of data. Because of this there is no limitation of operation of the facility or building.


The limitation of laserscanning technology is the huge amount of data and the complex handling of this data in special software. GEOhaus overcomes this limitation by offering projected images (.jpg) of the point cloud that are in scale. These can be projections for cross sections or aspects which can be handled in every image processing or CAD-software. On top of this we offer different steps of vectorizing, preservation of evidence and visualization in typical GEOhaus quality.



The new managing director of GEOHAUS Diana Grigo discovered new skills of Axel Kruse, accountant and partner in the joint practice Schön & Kruse in Mülheim an der Ruhr. He bestowed his new book : „Unter dem weiten Sternenzelt“ ISBN 978 3 942533 003 and the audio book SF17: Artefakt.

The publisher denotes him as “one of the best 10 story writers”. Answering the question: How do You get time for writing, having a big and lively office and a six headed family, he answered: On Sunday morning between 6 and 10 am.


“Process, Energy, Buildings” are future core topics in the building economy. The successful workshop took place at the 21st april under the patronage of the NRW – Minister for Building and Traffic in the from of a ZENIT Innovation Dialogue. Lectures and discussions concerned about energy and efficiency in industrial buildings and in production processes, establishment of competitive edges for the SME’s, financing of innovations, forming of the future, basic information for planning, planning of efficiency, optimizing of the stock and managing of energy. Goetz Schoenfeld planned and conducted the excellent event prominently. The following lectures were given:

  1. Bauminister Lutz Lienenkämper: Das Bauordnungsrecht im Takt der Innovation
  2. Dr. Thomas Gartung (STRABAG): Bauordnungsrechtliche Aspekte des Industriebaus
  3. Dr. Alfred Oberholz: Innovation City – ein städtebauliches Großprojekt
  4. Dr. Otmar Schuster: Grundlage = Information für den gesamten Prozess
  5. Kai-Uwe Lompa: Effizienz planen
  6. Dr. Jobst Klien: Contracting- Geschäftsmodell für Energieeffizienz
  7. Stefan Austermann: Innovation international vernetzt und gefördert


Foto from the left: Dr. Thomas Gartung, Dr. Alfred Oberholz, Kai-Uwe Lompa, Dr. Otmar Schuster, Lutz Lienenkaemper,
Dr. Jobst Klien, Stefan Austermann, Götz Schönfeld

logo-9001-2008-inversAt the 16th of February 2010 GEOHAUS got the certificate about the DIN ISO 9001 : 2008. Auditor was the ESC and Quality Standards Certification GmbH. The certificate is displayed for the firms: Surveying Office Dr. Schuster, Geosat GmbH, Messbild Engineering & Control GmbH sowie Messbild Geo- und Umweltinformationen GmbH. The following business areas were audited: Sequent Control of Geometry for Buildings, valuation of realm estate and certification of facts, Legally binding Land Use and Development of Land, Strategic Ownership Consultation, High Precision Measurement Technique, Geoinformation Systems, Service for Logistics and GNSS, Navigations-Systems as well as production and dealing with related Hard- and Software und Handel, Industrial Automation.


The technical “frog” of the process, which allows to control all the different business areas is the software GBUCH, developed by MEßbILD, which shortly will be available in the market.



Since January Hanns F. Schuster enjoyed his life in the liberal profession. Affixing the new plate this is apparent for the general public. The first bigger task was the successful preparation on the GEOHAUS - Group for the certification for ISO 9000/9001. This has been performed already.


gcs_officeOur dependency in Abu Dhabi has moved in a new neat office. Compared with the old business premise downtown our staff now enjoys now fresh air and green with always enough parking lots. All technique is available.

The new address is:

Geosat Communication Systems Est

P.O.Box 75298

Abu Dhabi,


Industrial City of Abu Dhabi 1 (ICAD 1),

Office G037


The German staff in Abu Dhabi consists of

  • Manager Juergen Vahlhaus Tel 00971 (0) 50 68 99 144) 
  • Elektronic engineer Wolfgang Riss (Tel: +971 (0) 50 310 1741)
  • Dr. Otmar Schuster is available in the UAE under Tel: 00971 (0) 56 124 9975 or +49 171 770 2331


d47ec37478In professional circles it is clear: The Green Building is the standard of the future! Every far-seeing planner tries to modulate his plans in that sense, every solicitous owner of real estate tries to get informations, so that he can catch the tappet of the movement in order not to loose his tenants in future. Many of the evaluations performed for that purpose have only relative scales. They need an absolute and juridical frame, which gives the owner the assuredness, which measures will be possible in his case.

The contribution of GEOHAUS to an innovative urban development in the sense of sustainable, green building is therefore the Real Estate Guidebook (Grundstücksdiagnose®). It is a service product with fixed content and fixed price, juridically and economically effective, for it is certified with public reliance.


merkel_180110The German Chancellor Angela Merkel mentioned in a speech before Managers in Düsseldorf at the 18th January 2010. Thousands of scientists (?) have calculated the end of the glaciers totally wrong, the reason for that can only be that they have forgotten the collateral statistics.


Quality needs Stochastic. Quality is shown by the knowledge about the validity of any result.


Therefore for GEOHAUS the stochastic is highly important in view of the security of our clients. Behind any result You can find a “± …”, which is a measure for the tolerande of the result.


Wahlsieger auf der EXPO REAL in München

The Mayor Dagmar Mühlenfeld (Mülheim an der Ruhr) and Klaus Wehling (Oberhausen) presented themselves as poll winners of the local elections of the last month on the booth of Mülheim-Oberhausen in the METROPOLE Ruhr. Both have to fight for majorities in colored city councils, but they both high popularity in the population with an election rate of nearly 50 %. Talks to investors are very important for both. Dagmar Mühlenfeld could even disclose the secrecy about RUHRBANIUM; so there was little time to talk to each other as shown on the foto. GEOHAUS was represented by Martina Busch, Wolfgang Sandner, Hanns-F. Schuster und Dr. Otmar Schuster to touch all business friends on the fair. Following the economical activity there was only little progress in the big projects. Questions of evaluation, real estate diagnosis stood more in the centre of the discussions. New tasks for HANSA LUFTBILD, represented by the management board members Volker Mauritz and Thomas Eckart came up. Summing up: a good result in a phase of low activity of the European economy.