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On the EXPO REAL we enjoyed to be very popular, the preparatory work did pay off. The “Strategic Real Estate Development”, the “Real Estate Guidebook®” and...

Traffic monitoring

Fleetmanagement on the basis of ingenious sensor application in GEOHAUS is steadily increasing. Traffic monitoring is...

copernicus services

The deployment and the use of geo-information in Germany became wider and deeper. A future–oriented geo-information policy ...

Even for the expert it is difficult to visualize the reality correctly:

It’s definite: Low interest rates improve ...


Grafik Bauwirtschaft

laser slam

The geodetic contribution to the Building Information Model (BIM) comprises up to now the geo-information concerning the spatial, textual and structural...

Just as planned at the 1st February Martina Tennagels (right), head of the ÖbVI – section in the district government Düsseldorf welcomed Martina M. Busch for the declaration on oath as Public Appointed Surveyor. Mrs. Busch...


The state government NRW announces the finalization of the geodetic reference system. Sensational, that site and height of a structure for the first time can be determined in a consistent system. In addition the system is uniformly designed over Germany! This is scientifically and economically profitable. It is possible now to follow the smallest movements of the earth's surface. Its areas of higher movement activity are gradually getting apparent. For the work on the building site we have a new situation: Long levellings for connection can avoided. To supply exact elevation their absolute difference and the stochastic of the new heights must be taken into account. The site coordinates in x and y have modified their absolute values only for some millimeters but he accuracy is improved significantly.

These coordinates after all have the mathematical characteristics, that a 100 m long building between Duisburg and Dortmund gets distorted for some 5 cm. That is why the Geohaus – siteplan is constructed in the "coordinate system 999", which means "uniform measure". This property is as well meaningful for the upcoming BIM (Building Information Modeling).



Almost lost was the GEOHAUS- team Darius Suwala and Kristina Berning in the huge warehouse (500 m * 250 m) in Indianapolis, USA. Their assignment prepared the high precision installation of racks. If the specifications are falling short of ± 1.5 [mm], a good quality management and principled working is necessary.

Moscow, Istanbul, Copenhagen or London had been places of such work. The tasks are almost always different, but the technical and organizational requirements are always high. Thanks to the Internet, synchronous monitoring often takes place in GEOHAUS in Mülheim, Germany.


EXPO REAL (Munich) and INTERGEO (Hamburg) announce: Building Information Modeling gains in significance. It is politically anchored and will definitively come. The NRW - State minister Michael Groschek and Lord Mayor Ulrich Scholten had announced their visit on the stand of GEOHAUS to obtain information about the content and progress of the new technique. GEOHAUS concentrates on the data capturing of existing buildings as starting point of the BIM – application (Instant BIM)